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Need to Know

Alright, I think I have set myself up for some wonderful shots and some amazing blogs! In this blog I will explain a little about the pages at the top.

HOME: This is where you can find my blogs.

PHOTO OF THE MONTH: I will post my best photo at the end of each month for the month.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Here you will find small requests about commenting. Please read before commenting on a blog.

The next blog will be about photography and interesting tidbits about the place I took the photos at.

B 😀


Hello world!

Welcome to my home on the web!  As you can see I am a newbie on here but give me time to gather my thoughts!

I am an budding photographer and I would like to show the world that I live in through my eyes. I will take you across Canada and hopefully beyond someday.

I appreciate comments about the blog or my photos however flames and personal insults will not be tolerated. Please see Rules of Engagement for further information.

To start of the photography part of this blog here is one of my most recent shots of the Canadian Rockies.

Johson Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Johnson Lake, Banff National Park, Canada


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