A Snapshot of B

D and I

Most people write blogs because they have some claim to authority on a particular subject. I make no such claim. I’m just living life as a full-time amateur photographer in Alberta, Canada while attempting to work full-time as an Accounting Payroll Administrator. On the side of writing a blog, taking pictures and working I am a full-time nurse along side my mom to take care of my sick father.

The topic I love to talk about most is exploring the province and country I live in through pictures.  However, I have a thought or two about things beyond photography, and I am hoping to sneak a few of those in.

Because I have no real expertise in  photography, I hope that blogging about my attempts at imitating beautiful things will provide you with a glimpse of satisfaction on rare occasions.

I may fail to take the best photo (yes, I might even share those) but I will try my hardest to take a really good one.



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