Rules of Engagement

Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion and I would like everyone to be comfortable sharing.  That being said I do have some rules for posting comments here.

1. Comment on any blog you would like! Debating is okay within reason!

2. Please be polite when posting comments. I will not tolerate flames or personal attacks about me or any of my frequent guests! If any shall occur I will hold off on posting blogs until I see fit that we are all mature enough to continue.

3. If there are any photography or Alberta topics you would like me to discuss let me know through a comment.

4. All original photography and content is property of the author. If you would like to use any of the information I provide you please comment with what you would like to use and where you will use it! I have the right to say no!

5. All content I post is subject to my consideration. I have the final say what I post on my blog and pages!

6. Most importantly enjoy the photography and have fun!

  1. Looking good Bev, great eye for the landscape!!

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